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, and last night, it went a little something like this: For the male contestants: Niggling criticism, praise, praise, niggling criticism, death blow.For the ladies: Praise, praise, praise, praise, niggling criticism.In other words, with only 10 dancers left (each paired for the first time with an All-Star former contestant), and no separate results show in the mix, Uncle Nigel & Co. ” (Plus, just because Nigel’s obvious doesn’t necessarily mean he’s wrong.) But on the flip side, this season-long trend has sucked some of the suspense out of the proceedings.made it clear with their critiques which guy and which gal would feel the sting of the guillotine on their necks after the results of last weeks’ votes were announced and the Bottom 2 from each gender danced for their lives. If the judges wated time heaping praise on the soon-to-exit dancers, it would be a disconcerting experience for the audience: “Hey! I mean, it might have made for better television last night had Nigel finished his harsh criticism of doomed George’s lack of maturity in his movement by pulling a trap-door lever and letting the kid be swallowed whole by the stage, never to be seen again.“Chris and Witney had immediate chemistry – and it was obvious to everyone.They couldn’t keep their [hands off each other],” said a source., Witney might be the reason behind Chris’ split from his season pick, Whitney Bischoff.Sources say that there was a lot of jealousy surrounding Chris’ relationship with his dance partner, because the two had incredible chemistry right from the beginning.

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The two are still in touch, and are scheduled to make an appearance together at Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Connecticut next month.Classically-trained Chehon is sent in with fellow ballet dancer Daniel Baker.Nigel tells Chehon that he didn't come up to Nigel's standards, but his final solo was impressive.For those familiar with the catalog of the film company named AIP, this one is an unusual one. The acting of the lead actors and story development has a lot of AIP films elements that one with the fondness of these films would love. I really appreciated the great moments AIP provided us, it's a perfect conclusion to the David Duo. Prior thank you very much for this last treat, and David Winters bring on more.It's a dance film instead of an action picture. What is fun with David Winters directing is that when he is offered the task that he digs best for elements to make a film unique, to be packaged within a genre.