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41-2171 Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning MSN 222-5376/5389. Originally ordered as P-38E, but completed as F-4-1-LO 2158 to RAAF as A55-1 in 8/1943. W/o Jun 15, 1943 at Kweilin AB, China, condemned Jun 15, 1943 2179 redesignated RP-38E Oct 22, 1942. Oct 25-29, 1945 Transferred to No.4185 AAF Base Unit, Independence Army Air Field, Independence, KS, Air Technical Service Command (For Storage ? Nov 14, 1951 Mutual Assistance Pact signed, under which Yugoslavia received substantial arms aid from Britain and the USA, including 150 P-47 Thunderbolts from the US. Full power run-up not completed due brakes not holding; applied full power halfway down runway and stalled off end of runway. Scrapped at Long Beach airport, California in 1972.The Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 interface is an amazing practice tool that lets you connect your guitar to your computer in a flash, giving you the best of both worlds. Click To Read More About This Product Gear returned in great condition, with only minor signs of use, such as slight scuffs or pick marks. MY FATHER NAME WAS OSCAR CRIT GREER, MOTHER LEURENA WRIGHT GREER.10 CHILDREN, 9 GIRLS AND I BOY. My grandfather is John Calvin Potter, my dad is Willie T. Danny Gibbs Ironton, ohio USA - Monday, June 14, 2004 at (MDT) My mother was a Ratliff, from Elkhorn City and she had several sisters and brothers. her brothers were Landon(Paddlefoot)and Patton Ratliff. My father's side is anderson-hall, I don't have much information there my grand father was Noah Anderson - married 3 times, had children by each marraige - My father's mother was Pearlie Rife (spelling may be wrong - would appreciate any help! I have met some great distant cousins through this information. Janet Potter Stern My parents are Faye and Guy Potter. My grandfather was Robert Coleman Potter and i would like to know some history on him. Please e-mail with any info, by the way this is a great site. As a child my family visited up there often and I remember going to breaks interstate park. O my mothers side there are potters, roses, mullins, vanhoose, vanover (I have pics of these..) they lived in Cane Branch - in fact I was born there too.Rest assured we are working diligently to resolve this issue. 41-2099 Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning MSN 222-5316/5317. Originally ordered as P-38E, but completed as F-4-1-LO 2098 (8th PRS) crashed in NE New Guinea Sep 14, 1942. Landed at Ankara, Turkey June 12, 1942 and interned 11610 to RAF as Liberator GR. The IARC has this plane as returning to USA Feb 26, 1944-Mar 2, 1944, and going to reclamation at Keesler AAF, MS Nov 20, 1944, and reclamation completed as RB-24D May 24, 1946 11614 was HALPRO #15, 'Ripper the 1st', later 376th BG, 515th BS, 'Ripper the 2nd'. Returned to USA Jul 19, 1944, to RFC at Hill Field, UT Oct 10, 1945, scrapped Apr 30, 1946 11617 was HALPRO #12 'Old King Solomon'. 11620 was HALPRO #16 'Edna Elizabeth B', to CL-26 San Bernardino ATS Sep 20, 1944 11621 to RAF as Liberator III FK231. 11622 was HALPRO #05 *Town Hall*, landed at Adapazari, Turkey June 12, 1942 and interned. 1986 Exchanged with RAF Museum for the former Spitfire LFXIVE gategaurd TE356 from RAF Leeming, Yorkshire. Displayed in park, Sao Paulo City as 4191/C3, 1968-1975. 57755 (MSN 10125) to civil registry with Bankers Life and Casualty Co, Chicago, IL as N5109B 57756 (MSN 10126) to civilian registry as N75885, XA-LOK of Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, CP-694 (ntu). 57757 (MSN 10127) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled 57758 (MSN 10128) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled.

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The UCG102 guitar-to-USB interface lets you jam and record using modeling amps and effects without the need for any other gear but your guitar.

The compact interface links your electric guitar to a PC or Mac computer via a typical USB cable, allowing you to rock with sophisticated software such as the included Guitar Combos Behringer Edition from Native Instruments, Kristal Audio Engine multi-track sequencer and Audacity audio editor.

Took it on the water for the first time today was able to cast incredibly far. If this Lews holds up for the 1st year of serious duty, I'll probably buy another. Line always seems like its jumping off spool too much and was harder to throw the 3xd than my tournament mg.

My reels just came in and the handles are offset (win) and the star drag is also sloped inward (win). I had 2 Curados (0 ea) from 2003 that I sold in 2011, and NEVER HAD A SINGLE FOUL-UP from either reel. From: Comments: I have the 5.4 and the 7.1 and really love them both. Used it for throwing a 3xd and currently a jerkbait.