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Beethoven has just come off of a financially successful theatrical run in ’92, grossing 7 million against an million budget and St. , a modest financial success in 1983, has found increased popularity in Blockbuster rentals and VHS sales.

One movie-pitching suit takes note of the film’s 10th anniversary and has the home run idea that a crossover isn’t only the movie the world wants… So journey with me if you will to a fictional (and better) 1993 as I lay the foundation for the greatest horror film the world never received.

Meet Legged Squat Support System (LS3), a robotic mule capable of carrying up to 400 pounds of cargo for 20 miles without refueling. Cujo can traverse rocky terrain with its lifelike gallop, and is programmed to follow an operator and detect surrounding objects with its swiveling head of sensors.

Their website says that this process takes just minutes and can easily be done by someone with little computer knowledge.

"Who's The Boss" star Danny Pintauro and his longtime boyfriend, Wil Tabares, have tied the knot.

Pintauro, 38, described the April 3 nuptials, which were held on the beach in Dana Point, Calif., as a "dream come true" in an interview with US Weekly.

“I thought it was going to be stumbling around and lose its footing, but it’s actually proven to be pretty reliable and pretty rugged.

It has a bit of a problem negotiating obliques and contours of hills.”Indeed, like all pets, Cujo has a few issues.