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An ambulance was called to an address in Patickswell at approximately 7.30pm on the night that she died and rushed the woman to the Mid-Western Hospital, where she passed away shortly after 8pm.

A source told The Star last night that the unfortunate woman involved came in contact with a man who provided the dog on an internet chatroom.

One of the most active places where domestic violence victims and survivors converse is on this website's Facebook page.

“This was a particularly bizarre and upsetting course,” said the source.

If you join an online conversation, please keep in mind that you should not use your real name or contact information, and only use a safe email address if one is required. Also be sure to practice Safe Surfing, so that your online activity stays confidential.

After Silence aims to help victims become survivors and to communicate in the recovery of domestic and sexual violence.

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A 43-year old woman died after suffering a massive allergic reaction brought on after she had sex with a dog in Limerick.