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" "What's the name of the clients that you worked with at your old firm? At the end of the interview, I asked her – what made you stay and work for the firm for so many years, she literally answered in less than 10 words: "I like my work and the people".

Then slience again with her staring at me without making any additional sound.

If you don’t know the answer, don’t make something up! This is probably to see how you answer and not so much about the info. Where you met, how your first date went, funny stories along the way – these are all up for asking. They may ask you to tell them stories behind the photos – what was going on that day, what you ate, and other small details. Basically, the officer will ask a simple yet hard to remember detail like what color your new bride’s toothbrush is. The interview is often not just shooting the breeze, he’s trying to get an idea of your routine and what you do all day. I’d like to understand these savings accounts you have Also expect some deeper questions about your finances and savings.

Again, though, it’s more about your reaction, so stay and calm and try to remember. They will probably ask for more documentation, so have those papers with you.

In stress interviews, the candidate is being tested on his/her abilities to handle pressure or adverse behaviours.

The candidate is exposed to a hostile, disinterested or intimidating interview, whose purpose is to destabilise the candidate.

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“Pretty” Intimidating- Interview with Morgan Reese By Spike Bowan ©Frog Dog Writing 2014 There are times as a writer when I get to meet and interview amazing people. From Trade shows to Playboy, Morgan has done it all!

Interviews can be extremely daunting at times but you have to be prepared for everything that comes your way.

The interviewers assess your confidence, your thought process, and your honesty towards your job and its people by asking tricky questions and giving tough scenarios.

with their AR strapped to their backs, just to prove a point. If I’m sitting in a Coffee Shop and strange men walk in with AR’s on their back, I understand why, and I know what point they want to try and get across, but that’s not the way to cross that bridge in my opinion.. I feel 10 feet tall when I rack it and I love the BOOM!! It’s like the “Sargent at arms” of the constitution.

he interviwer stared at me with disdain and anger in her eyes for no reason, which almost made my cry.