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The couple got engaged less than 2 months after the alleged Days Inn tryst.Usher's people also say on the night in question his show ran late, which pushed the meet-and-greet well after midnight ...

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At the end of last season’s “Insecure,” many viewers wondered if Issa Dee, the character played by series creator Issa Rae, had lost her mind after cheating on her long-suffering boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) — who then walked out on her.In polyamory, we can make use of these opportunities, rather than hide from or ignore them.15.POLYAMORY IS NOT A LICENSE TO JUST FOOL AROUND, SPREAD YOURSELF THIN, AVOID DEEP INTIMACY, AVOID COMMITMENT, AVOID RESPONSIBILITY, HURT PEOPLE, WASTE AWAY YOUR ENERGY AND ATTENTION, GO FOR A LOT OF PERSONAL PLEASURE WITHOUT CONSIDERING THE EFFECT ON OTHERS...making it even more unlikely he even had time to step out for a secret trip to the Days Inn. David Greene, an ear, nose and throat specialist, filed the suit earlier this month against Naples-based Health Management Associates.